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Wish Upon A Star

WUAS began in 2013 and is currently on its eighth round. The first six were hosted on the GMC webforum, but the most recent two rounds have been hosted on a Discord gaming server.

# First Turn Gimmick Year Length Location Dictionary
1 It Begins 2013 29 turns GMC N/A
2 The Flood 2014 58 turns GMC N/A
3 Harold the Herald 2015 15 turns GMC N/A
4 Acceleration 2016 2 turns GMC N/A
5 Screaming in Agony 2016 15 turns GMC Available
6 Let the Games Begin 2017 9 turns GMC Available
7 Small Board? What's That? 2018 17 turns Discord Available
8 Conveying the Message Battle Royale 2018 Ongoing Discord Available
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