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Note: This is my old website from my college days, and the information contained here is likely not up-to-date anymore. You can find more current information about me on the new site at
I consider myself to be something of a programming language enthusiast, so this is a list of programming languages I consider to be valuable to learn. The top three tend to be my languages of choice unless I have a good reason to use something else for a project.
Purely functional programming language with completely controlled side effects and a very powerful type system including type inference
Common Lisp
A modern revamp of the LISP language. Comes packaged with a modern object system while keeping all of the LISP magic of old
A much more natural modernization of Smalltalk-esque objects than is provided by the more mainstream languages of today
The go-to language for text processing problems; known for its one-liners
A web language that compiles to JavaScript but supports many functional programming features and boasts a much prettier syntax
A very small embedded language that subscribes fully to a prototype-based object system
A popular scripting language that takes C-style classes and makes them sufficiently dynamic
JVM Language with a heavy emphasis on functional code and delivering a scripting-esque feel in a compiled language
An analytical language that aims to keep the APL ideology of incredibly terse yet meaningful code
NB: While I do consider it to be valuable to know mainstream industry languages, they are excluded from this list as they are, from a language theory perspective, not as interesting as the languages listed here.