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This is a list of notable past experiences.
CREST Research My summer of 2017 was spent at the Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST) working on a program to perform hierarchical multipole methods. Through my time there, I developed abstraction layers and worked heavily on optimization and performance, the details of which can be found on the CREST website.
DEEDS Textbook A computer science professor at TTU was kind enough to give me the opportunity to help write example programs for and edit parts of his textbook on discrete simulation, which will be published in the foreseeable future.
"Net Game" A rather unique ongoing project of mine which dynamically generates game content for an RPG world based on real-world data obtained from Wikipedia in real time.
TTU Functional Programming Club As the current vice president and former president of the TTU Functional Programming Club, I have delivered several presentations of miscellaneous functional programming topics and languages.
Programming Languages One of my hobbies is learning new programming languages. My main languages are Haskell, Common Lisp, and Perl, and I also have a great deal of experience in Ruby, C++, Java, Python, and Javascript. As a result of this multilingualism, I can easily pick up new languages as needed.
Tutoring I have spent several years tutoring students in various subjects, from Algebra II tutoring in high school to discrete mathematics and now formal language theory tutoring at the college level.
Latitude In response to what I perceive as an unfortunate gap in the space of programming languages, I am actively working on a general-purpose prototype-oriented programming language, which is currently in an experimental but usable state.
eviCore Healthcare I spent a summer at eviCore Healthcare as a QA specialist, giving me a unique opportunity to see large-scale applications at a formidably-sized company.
High School Thesis As part of my high school's rigorous graduation requirements, I wrote a senior research thesis on the hyperoperations hierarchy, defended it before a council, and taught the concept to a classroom of sophomores. The thesis itself is unpublished but available upon request.
Loop: An Adventure Through Time A game project that I'm particularly proud of, as it required a great deal of serialization and consistent treatment of data structures in GML, a language with very little built-in support for such things. The game allowed the player to travel backward in time, meaning every in-game action needed to be reproducible perfectly as a consequence of the environment.
GMC Game Jams Every three months, the Game Maker Community carries out a 72-hour game jam, which gives me the unique opportunity to flesh out my rapid-prototyping skills. My most notable products of these Jams have been Stick and Stone and Barry: the Brainless Overlord.
Coursework As a result of my formal training in CS, I understand data structures (CSC 2110), operating systems (CSC 4100), networking systems (CSC 4200), and object orientation (CSC 2120) at an intricate level.
Optional Coursework I have taken several electives in my time as an undergrad, most notably a formal course in artificial intelligence (CSC 4240), one in programming languages (CSC 4010), and a sequence in numerical analysis (MATH 4210-4220).
Presentation Skills I have taken two undergraduate-level courses in presenting: Honors Intro to Speech (SPCH 2410) and Professionalism in Computing (CSC 3040).